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TO: Cody Stone, 208 Home Buyers LLC

  • Sandi and I wish to express to you our sincere appreciation for making the sale of our house happen. Sandi summarized our feeling last night when she said that you are upfront, honest and very hard working. You did everything you said you would do – thank you – we appreciate it very much.
  • We really did not know what to do. We found the house needed complete repair and remodel and we did not have the skill to know even where to start nor did we have the funds and time to supervise a building project.
  • My assessment was one of hopelessness feeling that we could never break even. You were able to “cash” us out of our mortgage avoiding any further loss to us without any marks on our good credit. Got to say it – Sandi and I know you were a direct answer to our prayer.
  • The future looks bright for us and we will continue to pray that 39 Rowena will pan out for you all better than anyone could have dreamed. Thanks again for your good service.
  • - Rick Anderson from Nampa, Idaho

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"My Dad passed away at the end of August and I found myself in a new role in life, executor of his estate. After a couple of months of cleaning out old storage units and countless trips to the dump I was ready to be done with the executor thing. Then it came time to deal with the house and the fact that my dad was a hoarder. The grim reality slapped me in the face every time I was in the house. Again the trips to the dump seemed endless. Then I got to a point that I felt the house was ready enough that I could call in a realtor to evaluate the place."

"My brother knew a guy that he worked with, we had him come over. He made a list of things that needed to be fixed & cleaned. He also came back with comps and a suggested selling price. The next day I called Cody. We walked through the house and made me fantastic offer. Not only was his asking price great but he also informed me that I could stop the dump runs, cleaning and repairs, the offer was for the house as is. Needless to say I accepted the offer and we closed on the house two weeks later."

"208 Home Buyers saved my life!! Thank You Cody and Brooke!"

- David Mengon from Nampa, Idaho

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"Cody and Brooke were awesome. My home needed some repair, I was trying to decide what I was going to do with it. I was moving out of state. 208 Home Buyers worked me a deal so we all win. I sold and it was fast and easy! thanks to Cody and Brooke"

- Jason Lough. Boise, Idaho

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"We highly recommend Cody and Brooke for paying cash for your home if you are thinking about selling your home fast. They met our asking price, we closed escrow in a week and they paid all the closing costs for our rental home in Meridian."

- Ken & Ellen Door from Meridian, Idaho